Then Play On

Supported by Herts Community Foundation and Comic Relief

Then Play On is aimed at members of the community who have left school but still want the experience of creating Art and Music. They can learn to play instruments, record their own tunes, make videos, enjoy photography, build an internet footprint, develop computer skills, paint, draw, play, and sing.  Or simply hang out in a chilled safe supportive environment, with like minded people.


Then Play On

Then Play On has been set up as a recreational project for members of our community who have left school but who would like to continue enjoying the experience of expressing themselves through music and the arts. The aim is to encourage students to have fun developing their latent talents, or to try different disciplines for the first time.  We offer strong support to our student body to encourage them to promote their newly aquired artistic skills within their community.

Then Play On has identified that creativity also builds confidence, self esteem and focus in our target group. It also helps develop their social/life skills giving them the extra confidence to consider re-engaging into adult education.

A strong emphasis  is placed on developing an individuals progressive pathway to help the student embrace their community and to forge strong links with other artists.


Then Play On

Then Play On places a strong emphasis on the therapeutic benefits of engaging in the Arts. We have found that participating in any form of creativity has a positive effect on our student body. It enables them to build a coping mechanism to understand their particular needs, this helps them learn to co-operate with others and form mutually beneficial alliances to further their aims and  ambitions. We aim to offer a highlight in our students week and ensure they walk out whistling.

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