Pete Blackett M Phil MA MBACP (accred) 



4-am are very excited to announce that Pete Blackett  will be working with us in 2015. He will offer us years of experience working with our target group. And building strong partnerships  with Leicester and Bangor Universities.

As part of Petes music therapy programme, he will be bringing with him, UMBANDA, a music drumming group. He will be offering drum workshops and displays for the community, giving everybody the oppourtunity to experience the joy of creating music

Peter Blackett/Psycologist. is 4-am consultant on music therapy, Autism and Psychology. Peter has worked for over 15 years, all over Europe and the USA as a music therapist and is happy to  advise us whenever we need clarification or constructive advice.
















Maria has BA in Art specialised in Sculpture and Digital Media from the National University of Colombia having graduated with Honours. She has worked as a creative and project manager in advertising agencies across her native country Colombia. In 2008 she travelled to Buenos Aires Argentina to study Art direction for Film and advertising. In 2010 She settled down in London where she worked in theatre and films doing set and costume design, along side doing graphic design freelance and young children's workshops.  


Currently she is exploring the therapeutic powers of art while working with young people with special learning needs in Hertfordshire. Maria is a creative person who has explored on a quest to find and help to develop the best of every young person's potential to create.


​She believes creativity are much more than the tecniques involved. Creativity is fundamental in everybody's skill set for life.

 Maria David  BA Arts 


4-am are pleased to announce that Roy Jenkins will be joining our team. Roy can play any stringed instrument and has spent a lifetime honing his skills in various bands. A college lecturer specialising in Mathematics, he now has turned his special skills to supporting Home education In Hertfordshire.













He is responsible for developing a county wide syllabus in Maths for Home Tutors. He has also been responsible for taking maths education into prisons. Roy will be training all 4-am's staff to become competent in Makaton, and we look forward to his enthusiastic input.

Nola Fox

4-am have now got their very own Diva. Nola is bringing her wide ranging vocal talents to our music project. She will be delivering singing lessons in all forms of music ranging from Soul/ R&B to heavy rock.

Nola is also a French Teacher late of Ashlyns and Roman fields school, she will be offering French lessons if any students require it.

  This will give our students free range to express their ideas and develop their self esteem.

This lady is class and will be a great attribute to our projects.

New for 2015

The Heatons have arrived. Rachael and Anthony, Sister and Brother are Joining 4-am. Rachael is a fully qualified Drama Therapist and Anthony from Connexions is a film making specalist. We look forward to offering this extra dimension to 4-am.

And not to forget Molly our Mascot

Sessional Workers

Dom Lawson. Rock Journalist and lead singer with OAF

Julian Cooper. Lead guitarist with VIKING SKULL

George Boarer ex HAWKWIND

Pedro. Ex Levellers

For all your singing requirements