4 - PM

Progressive Mentoring

Life skills

Social skills

Life coaching

Confidence Building


Independent Living

Form Filling


Our aim is that all our students will leave

4 - PM with the neccessary skills to enable them to lead a safe, full and whenever possible independant life.

We consider this is a vital part of their education as many of our community members will not have had the opportunity to learn or effectively put into practise these basic life skills anywhere else.

To this end, they will be introduced to and experience practical tasks in , money management, home management skills,budgeting and communication skills.

These skills will be further reinforced and complemented in sessions where they will be assisted with understanding their own strengths and weaknesses, given guidance in finding suitable progression pathways. Be made aware of how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

4 - PM

Progressive Mentoring

4-PM is an innovative mentoring project  The Aim of this new project is to provide our students with confidence and self esteem. Building upon their strengths and creating a safe supportive gate way  into  where ever possible independant living.